Well Bear, Brave Bear: My Visit to the Doctor

Osito Saludable, Osito Valiente: Mi Visita al Medico

Well Bear, Brave Bear: My Visit to the Doctor

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Bear tells the story of going to the doctor for a "well child" checkup and immunizations before starting school.

This 32-page picture book, with text in English and Spanish, has been used to educate children and parents by the pediatric clinics of the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minnesota, and by the "Baby Tracks" immunization tracking program.

We have been giving copies of "Well Bear" to children during their pre-kindergarten visit to our pediatric clinic. To date, we have distributed over 5,000 copies. For my patients, "Well Bear" is both educational and empowering. The text, the spirit, the tone, the humor, and the photos are all delightful, and our families love this book.

- Laurel Wills, MD, FAAP

We have found that young children like the pictures and children of any nationality can relate to the bear that represents the child in the story. Parents enjoy the book, especially Spanish speaking parents, as they can read to their child in their language or the child can practice English. Parents have also reported that the book helps to make their children less fearful of trips to the doctor.

- Lynn Schwartzbauer, Community Health Specialist,
Hennepin County Human Services & Public Health

Of all the books that the committee reviewed, this book was one of the most highly regarded... I feel that the book was very well planned and produced to help allay fears and provide basic information to families.

- Tom Fitzpatrick, Director, Family Literacy Programs,
Minnesota Humanities Center

Having a text in Spanish and English and adding humor in the form of a teddy bear familiar to children of different cultures lends a friendly and open feel to the typical account of a visit to the doctor, and makes it accessible to all families. The result is a simple, user-friendly free Internet story that will please any parent looking to explain the concept of a visit to the doctor to the very young.

- Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review, November 2013
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Print copies of Well Bear, Brave Bear are available in quantities of 500 or more.
For orders and inquiries, contact:
Thinkofit, Inc.

This work was made possible by grants from:
IFP-Minneapolis/St. Paul
Service League, HCMC
Department of Pediatrics, HCMC
Department of Public Relations, HCMC

Well Bear, Brave Bear: My Visit to the Doctor
Osito Saludable, Osito Valiente: Mi Visita al Médico
Copyright © 2003 by David Woolley & Sheila Kelleher

I’m Not Afraid of Shots (Well, Maybe a Little) -or- Well Bear, Brave Bear: My Visit to the Doctor Text copyright 2002 by David Woolley 1. I’m getting to be a big bear. I’m almost ready for school. I’ve been for waiting a long time! Mom said that before I could start school I needed to see Dr. Julia. Dr. Julia would check to see how I'm growing, and give me some shots to make sure I stay healthy. I wasn't sick. I felt just fine. And I don’t like shots very much. But I'm a brave bear, and I REALLY want to go to school. So I said okay. I like Dr. Julia, anyway. 2. The next day, Mom and I went to the clinic. The clinic is a big place, but I wasn't scared because I'd been there before. The first person we saw was Jeff at the big desk. I told him my name, and he said, "You're right on time. It will just be a few minutes." 3. There were lots of people in the waiting room. Dr. Julia sure is popular! Mom¬ wanted to read a magazine, but I found some cool stuff to play with while we were waiting. 4. Pretty soon I heard someone call my name. It was Roxana, the doctor’s helper. She had a room all ready, just for me. 5. In my room there was a funny-looking bed. Roxana gave me a special gown to wear. It looked like pajamas. “I’m not even sleepy!” I said. Roxana said, “That’s okay. This bed isn’t for sleeping.” Whoever heard of a bed that’s not for sleeping? 6. I stood on the scale to see how much I weighed. I asked Roxana if I was as heavy as an elephant. She said no, I was only as heavy as a small bear. That’s okay, I guess. 7. Someone left footprints on the floor. It wasn’t me! But I put my feet right on those footprints so Roxana could measure me. I stood up really straight and tall. Roxana said, “My, you’ve gotten big!” But I already knew that. That’s what grownups always say. 8. Roxana said, “Let’s check your blood pressure.” She put a cuff around my arm. It went “puff-puff-puff-puff” and hugged my arm really tight! But it didn’t hurt. 9. Roxana put a thermometer in my mouth. She said it would tell if I was too hot or too cold. I held it under my tongue until it beeped. Roxana said I was exactly warm enough. 10. To check my eyes, Roxana showed me some letters on the wall. “I don’t know how to read!” I said. “That’s why I’m going to school!” Roxana said I could just point to the letters on the card. That was easy! Look, there’s a T, and there’s a V. That spells TV. See, I CAN read a little. 11. To check my ears, I put on headphones, just like airplane pilots wear. “Flight 23, you’re cleared for take off!” 12. We went back to my room. I told Roxana I was ready to see Dr. Julia. While we were waiting, I read a book to Mom so she wouldn’t get bored. 13. There was a knock on the door. It was Dr. Julia. She said, “My, you’ve gotten big!” (See, grownups ALWAYS say that.) I told Dr. Julia she looked the same size as last time. 14. Dr. Julia listened to my heart, and then I listened, too. I could hear my heart going Ba-dump! Ba-dump! Ba-dump! 15. I let Dr. Julia listen to my lungs, too. I took deep breaths so she could hear the air going in and out, in and out. 16. Dr. Julia looked in my eyes, nose, and ears. I wondered what she could see. “No birds’ nests in there,” she said. I wanted to look, too, but it’s hard to see into your own ears! 17. I lay down so Dr. Julia could check me all over, from my head to my toes. She felt around on my tummy to check my inside parts. It tickled a little and made me laugh. Dr. Julia said, “Everything looks fine. You’re growing up just like a young bear should.” That made me feel good. 18. But then she said a word I did NOT want to hear. She said, “Nurse Jackie needs to give you your shots now.” The shots! I was kind of hoping she would forget about the shots. 19. When Nurse Jackie came in, I told her, “I’m a brave bear. I’m not afraid of shots.” I held Mom’s hand to show her I was okay. But I’ll tell you a secret: I was just a teensy bit scared. Nurse Jackie said, “The shots will keep you healthy and strong. They’ll make sure you don’t get bad diseases like mumps or measles.” Well, I don’t know exactly what those are, but I sure don’t want to get them! So I told her I was ready. 20. I held my leg still for Nurse Jackie. I took a deep breath and thought about ice cream. The shots hurt, but they were over quickly. I didn’t even cry. 21. Well – only a little. 22. Nurse Jackie put a bandaid on my leg. I was already feeling better. 23. Nurse Jackie said I would get to wear a special sticker to show what a brave bear I was. I took an extra sticker for Mom, because she was brave, too. 24. Then it was time to go. Mom was a little tired, so I decided to take her home for a nap. I said goodbye to everyone at the clinic. 25. I was happy. Now I really am ready for school. And if I go to school long enough... Maybe someday I'LL be the doctor here. How about you? Are YOU ready for school?